What do I need?

Well you'll need your bike, also bring a a little food and drink, basic tool kit, a pump, two spare innertubes and a puncture repair kit.  Lights are important in darkness or low light conditions. It is a good idea to bring clothing for all weather. 

Although rides are supported by a friendly group, you are responsible for ensuring your bike is fit for purpose and in a good state of repair, riding safely and following the highway code. Be aware of your own safety, the safety of others in your group and other route users.

Bring a little money for snacks as we may stop at a cafe / pub on some rides.

New to group road riding?

Check out out the rides and runs guide for guidance on enjoying the trip and keeping youself and other riders safe.

How fit do I need to be?

We try to give an idea of the pace and duration or distance of our rides on the calendar.

1* Rides: Suitable for irregular, social or beginner riders, pace will match the slower rider, not hilly or long. Expect rides to be around 2 hours, Gentle exercise

2* Rides: Suitable for regular riders who prefer to cover some distance at a medium pace. Likely to be half day rides. Solid Exercise.

3* Rides: Suitable for experienced riders, may be hilly, long and quick or any combination! Likely to be half-day or full day rides.

But don't forget We never leave a rider behind


We strongly recommend that all riders wear a correctly fitted hard shell helmet conforming to a recognised safety standard on our club runs and rides.

Ride participants should be aware that ride organisers are not qualified leaders or first aiders and that those joining a ride are responsible for assessing their own abilities and for ensuring their own safety. Individuals take part in any group activities at their own risk.

It should be noted that no liability shall be attached to the Blackpool Clarion Cycling Club (including its officials and members) and the National Clarion Cycling Club (including its officials and members) for any injury, loss or damage suffered.

We strongly urge all Club Members to take advantage of the reduced cost CTC 3rd Party insurance or make similar insurance arrangements, for instance via British Cycling

More information on insurance from British Cycling can be found here

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